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Susanne Friedrich, October 15 2019

News from our moringa project

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At the beginning of August, 56 Green Spark ambassadors from 14 villages were trained:

The 56 ambassadors were then provided with the necessary aids and Moringa seeds.

Two weeks later we visited the villages and looked at the results.

The following pictures show the steps from seed to seedling - captions below the pictures:

More than 3000 Moringa seeds are in this container, with a total weight of only 800g!

In this picture you can see many germinated Moringa seeds.

In the previous steps, the seeds were swollen overnight in water and then wrapped in wet paper for 5-8 days in a container or plastic bag.

The germinated Moringa seeds are then planted in prepared containers.

Green Spark does not hand out any planters but recommends that the ambassadors reuse packaging. In this example, sugar packets were used.

Here's another example - Tetrapacks.

The containers are filled with a mix of soil and sand. Due to the sand the water drains better. Because Moringa does not like any standing wetness at all.

These ambassadors were very creative and used old mosquito nets to protect their nursery.

Protection is needed above all before chickens. Because chickens and goats know very well what tastes good and is healthy. And Moringa are real power bombs - that's what the animals know!

This is our prime example of how the nursery can look after just a few weeks. Moringa grows 3-5 meters per year under good conditions.

These Moringa seedlings are doing very well here and so they grow and thrive wonderfully.

We celebrate every single germinated and planted Moringa seed.

However, we were hoping for a better ratio of handed out seeds to a few hundred growing seedlings. So we did cause research and first revealed: lack of motivation of some volunteers.

Now we were faced with the challenge of how we want to proceed further. Because one thing was clear: we do not reach our original goal of planting 4,000 Moringa trees with 14 villages this December. So what shall we do?

The decision was pretty easy for us: sticking to the goal of "planting in December" would mean continuing to work only with the successful villages. But we want to empower, inspire and involve people. So we continue to pursue the goal: 4000 Moringa trees in 14 villages with 56 volunteers, only beginning of next year instead of this December.

In the next post, we will tell you if that was a good decision and how we will ensure success.

Stay tuned!


Written by

Susanne Friedrich


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